Are You Struggling to Include Writing in Your Daily Routine?

Jennifer Smith
3 min readApr 20, 2022
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Incorporating a daily writing habit can be challenging. We read daily habits of famous writers and try to follow their lead. Oftentimes we fail because we feel as though our lives are too committed to write. Realistically, we need systems that adapt to our own lifestyles, especially if writing is not our main gig.

I have been writing for many years. I used to write sporadically or only during my summers when I was not in the classroom and my mind seemed to feel more free. Writing only in the summers, however, leads to sporadic success.

When I joined Medium, I wanted to write and publish fairly regularly. In recent months, I have settled into a system that works quite well for me.

I learned from experimentation that my mind is much fresher in the morning. Writing before I leave for work, therefore, is crucial for me. After a full day of teaching, my brain is fried, and I cannot dedicate myself to the deep work that writing requires. Finding the time that works for your own mind is crucial to being able to write and publish daily.

Consider my 5 step strategy below that will allow you to incorporate writing while you sip your morning latte.

  1. Journal

Every morning, I start off with a short journal entry. You can use gratitude, bullet, or answer thoughtful questions. Sometimes freewriting about your life is the best strategy. You just want to get your ideas flowing, and your writing wheels turning.

2. Social Media

Surprisingly, I have found social media a good place to start with my morning writing habit. I have found that crafting my daily social media posts helps to stimulate my brain. It prepares me for writing lengthier pieces. I also get a lot of my writing ideas from social media. One caveat, you cannot get distracted. You must be focused solely on your posts for the day. I usually leave a maximum of 10 minutes for this activity.

3. Draft Writing

After posting my daily blurbs on Twitter and LinkedIn, I move to draft writing. I spend about 30–45 minutes writing. I am not concerned with perfection. I am only focused on getting my ideas on paper. Already having my mind rolling with ideas from the…

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