What Are We Waiting For?

Jennifer Smith
4 min readJul 3, 2022
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I never imagined my teenage daughter would possess fewer rights than I did decades ago. I was raised in America, after all. We are the land of the free. Was this a failure of imagination on my part? Perhaps.

Certainly, Roe v. Wade was a political issue in the early part of my life. Yet, by the time I had my first child, conversations about overturning the decision had virtually left the public discourse. America was on a new trajectory, and science’s technological developments had served many women well.

When I suffered my miscarriage, I was in control of the decisions surrounding my health. My doctor and I discussed my options. She was concerned for my safety, and we scheduled my surgery for the following day. I was fortunate to have health insurance and access to high quality physicians. After Friday’s Supreme Court ruling, however, even privileged women who hold these benefits will suffer as laws change across the country.

Physicians are warning that previously common procedures, like my own, will become illegal. In-vitro fertilization could be eliminated. Women who use birth control for health reasons, such as hormone or blood disorders, may lose access. Make no mistake, the impacts of Friday’s Supreme Court decision extend far beyond just abortion.

We are at a turning point in America.

Our lives are on a new trajectory unless we, as women, take action. Some will encourage you to protest. Others will tell you to vote in November. Organizations will ask for donations. Of course, actions like these are necessary. Yet, we must do more.

Women hold tremendous power in the United States. We do not, however, wield this power as widely as we should. Women often hold opinions close to the vest so as not to cause a disturbance or conflict. We do not want to be deemed “hysterical”, after all.

Now, however, none of us can afford to remain silent.

Waiting until the next election to rectify our situation will not suffice. We voted in 2020. Democrats, who profess to be advocates for women, hold control of both the Executive and Legislative branches of government. And still, we lost liberties.

Representatives offer us the opportunity to provoke change with calls to “vote in November”. These…

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